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20 x 25 - Chen Long-bin's Recent Sculpture [2012]


  • Artist: Chen Long-Bin

  • This catalogue was published to accompany an exhibition presented at Plum Blossoms Gallery, Hong Kong which ran from 28 Sep - 13 Oct 2012. The 20 x 25 exhibition is a celebration of Chenís 20 years of artistic career and the 25-year-long journey of Plum Blossoms Gallery as one of the leading supporters of Asian Arts in Hong Kong. This is an opportunity to grasp the reconstruction of art catalogues into significant figures in our course of history. For the first time, Chen did not gather his materials from discarded books but was given the vast storage of Plum Blossoms Galleryís exhibition catalogues that were published over the last 25 years. Among these were highly-valued art catalogues of paintings by Wu Guangzhong, Chen Yifei,Zhu Wei, Zeng Shanqing, Wucius Wong, C.C. Wang, Ding Yanyong, Chen Jialing and many more. These books that contain astonishing new ideas at the time of production eventually became documentation of a part of Chineseís modern art history. 22 x 27 cm 32 pages 12 plates

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