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Empty City [2010]


  • Artist: Lu Peng

  • This catalogue was published to accompany an exhibition presented at Plum Blossoms Gallery, Hong Kong, which ran from 24 May -7 June 2010.
    The show, entitled “Empty City”, drawn inspirations from the “Empty Fort Strategy” in the Chinese Thirty-Six Strategies. The tactic, made famous by Zhuge Liang in Chinese historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, involves using reverse psychology to deceive the enemy into thinking that an empty fort is full of traps and ambushes, therefore retreat.
    Lu Peng intends to use this title to challenge viewers to look beyond visual perceptions and see the substances that are underlying the surface. The works on view reflect the artist’s rich and complex meditation on traditions and cultural identity in modern China.
    21 x 25 cm
    48 pages
    17 plates

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