Tung Lo - Memories

September 8 - 25, 2004

Plum Blossoms Gallery Hong Kong

The directors of Plum Blossoms Gallery take great pleasure in presenting Memories, a solo exhibition of paintings by the France based Chinese artist Tung Lo. Through his recent series of Memories, Tung Lo presents his postmodern philosophies by creating an open dialogue with the audience, leading them to contemplation and imagination. Tung Lo ¡V Memories will be on view at the gallery from September 8 - 25, 2004.

Tung Lo, a name means ¡¥ a passage taken by a child¡¦, is an artist who embraces life with a boy¡¦s fresh eyes. Few years after his Metaphysics series, Tung¡¦s notion of time is reinterpreted in his recent portrait series of Memories. Female faces and bodies are drawn on either Chinese rice paper or canvas. Silhouetted with only simple Chinese calligraphic strokes, the monotone of the figures with detached expression contrasts with the colourful fragments of old cloths or newspaper which are scattered over the surface. The layers of collage signify impulse of sentiments and fragments of the things past that flash behind human faces. They are the momentary reveries that Tung Lo tries to grasp. What hidden underneath these images are the longing for ideals and sympathy for the lost dreams and identity in postmodern society.
Tung Lo was born in Jieyang, Guangdong province in 1956. He moved to Hong Kong in 1968 and emigrated to the U.S. in 1983. After he won the Philippe Charriol Art Awards in 1993, Tung had the opportunity to hold an exhibition in Paris and set up a studio there. Through the years Tung has held more than 90 solo exhibitions all over the world including the US, France, China and Hong Kong. His works have been widely collected by museums and collectors.

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