September 22 - 30, 2006

Plum Blossoms Gallery Hong Kong

The directors of Plum Blossoms Gallery are pleased to present the latest works of the renowned artist, Hong Zhu An, in his upcoming solo exhibition.

"As an artist trained in a multiplicity of disciplines, including woodcarving, oil painting, batik, pottery, calligraphy and bronze sculpture, and who had persevered in studying modern artists of the west at a time when it was extremely difficult to do so, Hong Zhu An has been able to formulate a personal form of expression that manages to address and transcend the main problems of contemporary Chinese painting. [íK] With sweeping global change, and Chinese contemporary art taking the world by storm, it is crucial that there are still serious practitioners of a great artistic tradition, using materials - handmade paper, brushes and ink - that have endured for a millennium. In this light, the boldness of Hong's art lies perhaps in the incredible respect and supreme confidence he places in the tradition. He is working with 'old-school' materials but he is certainly not a revisionist, or merely a craftsman rehashing the past. His works do not scream for attention, yet they brilliantly articulate the reality and the exciting potential of Chinese painting now." (Extracts from the essay, "New Exuberance in a Blade of Grass", by Peter Lee, March 2006)

Hong Zhu An was born in Shanghai in 1955. In 1997, Hong received the Master of Arts degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia at the LaSalle-SIA College of Arts, Singapore. From 1973 to 1976, he studied at the Shanghai Art & Craft Institute. From 1982 to 1983, he studied in the Sichuan Art Academy. Hong has been a full time artist for the last decade. His works are acquired by private and public collections around the world.

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