With images in thiocarbamide toned gelatin silver print, Silver Roads will lead its viewers into a visual memoir recording Ken Seet's journeys to cities in China, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Czech Republic and Austria over the past 2 years. Though the exhibition may not display the tastiest slices of scenes in one's travels, the photographs do reflect upon the artist's instinctive interpretation of street life and aspects that escape the eye of most travelers.

In sight are not images of striking decadence or delight but the simplest and commonest overlooked scenes or characters - a girl hopscotching in the schoolyard, a passerby walking in the rain or a construction worker building a bamboo scaffold. Frozen still in black and white, the photographs are gentle celebrations of peace and quietude. Truly, there lies an innate beauty within those brief moments.


By featuring street portraits shot in a variety of places, each with its unique culture and tradition, the exhibition is imbued with a unified mood. Ken Seet's penchant for the black and white scheme is crucial, as it allows no colour to interfere with his vision or distract the audience's focus. Through his capturing and filtering of light, often in stark darkness, a concentrated, unifying effect is produced in his works.

Reproducing the outside world through a lens of sensitivity, stillness and timelessness, Silver Roads reflects the inner world of the photographer by presenting the beauty he sees and feels around him. Then by reaching the depths of our hearts with such beauty, Seet's photographs lead us to look at the inner world of ourselves. It represents a process of the camera eye turning into the inner eye - a process which catches not only the visible but also the invisible.

Born in 1973 in Singapore, Ken Seet started photography when he was a graphic design student at Temasek Polytechnic. After graduating from Temasek Polytechnic in 1993, Seet worked as a graphic designer while teaching at Photographers Choice. In 1996, he opened his own photography business, Ken Seet Photography, and has since divided his time between commercial and fine art photography.
Over the last decade, Seet has had four solo exhibitions in Singapore and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Asia. His works have been featured in various newspapers and publications and have been widely collected by corporate and private collectors worldwide.
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