Zhang Hongtu
1982-86 Art Students League, New York, NY
1964-69 Central Academy of Arts and Crafts, B.A., Beijing, China
Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2005 ¡§Recent Paintings by Zhang Hongtu,¡¨ Goedhuis Contemporary, New York, NY
2004 ¡§Zhang Hongtu: Selected Works ¡V Visiting Artist Program at Marlboro College,¡¨ William Holland & Drury Jr. Gallery, Marlboro College, VT
  ¡§Dialogue with the Taipei Palace Museum, Zhang Hongtu Solo Exhibition,¡¨ Lin & Keng Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2003 ¡§Icon & Innovations: The Cross-Cultural Art of Zhang Hongtu,¡¨ The Gibson Gallery, State University of New York at Potsdam, NY
2000 ¡§New Paintings,¡¨ Cheryl McGinnis Gallery, New York, NY
1999 ¡§Repaint Chinese Shan Shui Painting,¡¨ Yale-China Association, Yale University, New Haven, CT
1998 ¡§Zhang Hongtu, New Works,¡¨ Cheryl McGinnis Gallery, New York, NY
1996 ¡§Reflections Abroad: the Journey of Zhang Hongtu 1982-1996,¡¨ Anthony Giordano Gallery, Oakdale, NY
  ¡§Soy Sauce, Lipstick, Charcoal,¡¨ Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
  ¡§Chairmen Mao,¡¨ Groton School, Groton, MA
1995 ¡§Zhang Hongtu: Material Mao,¡¨ The Bronx Museum of the Arts, NY
1993 ¡§Material Mao,¡¨ Gallery 456, Chinese American Arts Council, NY
1992 ¡§The Angel's Ghost,¡¨ Webster Hall, NY
1985 ¡§In the Spirit of Dunhuang,¡¨ Adams House, Harvard University, MA
1984 ¡§In the Spirit of Dunhuang,¡¨ Asian Arts Institute, NY
Selected Group Exhibitions:
2005 ¡§trading place,¡¨ Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan
  ¡§On the Edge,¡¨ Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University, CA
2004 ¡§Reinventing Tradition in a New World: The Arts of Gu Wenda, Wang Mansheng, Xu Bing, and Zhang Hongtu,¡¨ Schmucker Art Gallery, Gettysburg, PA
  ¡§Out of Time, Out of Place, Out of China: Reinventing Chinese Tradition in a New Century,¡¨ University of Pittsburgh Art Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
2003 ¡§Shuffling the Deck: The Collection Reconsidered,¡¨ Princeton University Art Museum, NJ
  ¡§A Brush with Tradition: Chinese Tradition and Contemporary Art,¡¨ Newark Museum, NJ
  ¡§BQE,¡¨ White Box, New York, NY
2002 ¡§Guangzhou Triennial,¡¨ Guangzhou, China
  ¡§AJITA-Unconquerable,¡¨ The Station, Houston, TX
  ¡§Queens International,¡¨ Queens Museum of Art, Queens, NY
  ¡§Paris-Peking,¡¨ Espace Cardin, Paris, France
  ¡§Contemporary Brush Strokes,¡¨ China 2000 Fine Art, New York, NY
  ¡§All Access,¡¨ CPC gallery, New York, NY
  ¡§ConversASIAN,¡¨ National Gallery, Cayman Island
  ¡§In Memory, The Art of Afterward,¡¨ Sidney Mishkin Gallery, New York, NY
2001 ¡§Cross+Overs,¡¨ Market Gallery, Johannesburg, S. Africa
  ¡§Unknow-Infinity,¡¨ Taipei Gallery, New York, NY
  ¡§China Without Borders,¡¨ Sotheby¡¦s Gallery, New York, NY
2000 ¡§Lineage,¡¨ d.u.m.b.o. Arts Center, New York, NY
  ¡§Crossing the Line,¡¨ CSPS, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  ¡§Word and Meaning,¡¨ University at Buffalo Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY
  ¡§Conceptual ink,¡¨ Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, New York, NY
1999 ¡§TRANSIENCE, Chinese Experimental Art at the End of the Twentieth Century,¡¨ Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago, IL. Traveled to University of Oregon Museum of Art, Eugene, OR and The Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
1998 ¡§Global Roots: Chinese Artists Working in New York,¡¨ Purdue University, IN
  ¡§Kunming New York Montreal,¡¨ OBSERVATOIRE4, Qc, Canada
1997 ¡§Kimchi Xtravaganza!¡¨ Korean American Museum, Los Angeles, CA
1996 ¡§Icons of Power,¡¨ Eighth Floor Gallery, NY
1995 ¡§Body Language,¡¨ Jamaica Arts Center, NY
  ¡§Other Choices/Other Voices,¡¨ Islip Museum, Long Island, NY
1994 ¡§Small World - Small Works,¡¨ Galerie + Edition Caoc, Berlin, Germany
  ¡§The Fifth Biennial of Havana,¡¨ Havana, Cuba
  ¡§Ad-Vance,¡¨ Pfizer Corp. N.Y., Curated by the Museum of Modern Art, NY
  ¡§Beyond the Borders: Art by Recent Immigrant,¡¨ Bronx Museum of the Arts, NY
1993 ¡§Teddy Bear, Potato, Lipstick and Mao,¡¨ Art in General, NY
  ¡§Word!¡¨ Jamaica Arts Center, NY
  ¡§Reflections for Peace,¡¨ Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, TX
  ¡§The Curio Shop,¡¨ Artists Space, NY
1992 ¡§Four Artists from China,¡¨ American Museum of Natural History, NY
1991 ¡§Changing Cultures,¡¨ Hamilton College and Baruch College, NY
  ¡§Dismantling Invisibility,¡¨ Art in General, NY
  ¡§Syncretism,¡¨ Alternative Museum, NY
1990 ¡§Selection,¡¨ Artists Space, NY
  ¡§Harvest 2001,¡¨ Aljira Center for Contemporary Art, NJ
  ¡§The Decade Show,¡¨ (with the Epoxy Group) New Museum, NY
1989 ¡§China June 4th 1989,¡¨ Blum Helman Warehouse, NY Travelled to P.S.1 museum, NY (1990); Cleveland Institute of Art, OH (1992); Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, Texas (1992); Buckham Gallery, Flint, MI (1994)
  ¡§Uptown/Downtown,¡¨ City Gallery, NY
  ¡§Fusion Art,¡¨ Koeln Ludwing Museum, Germany
1988 ¡§Thirty-Six Tactics,¡¨ Alternative Museum, NY
1987 ¡§Artists from China-New Expressions,¡¨ Sarah Lawrence College, NY
1986 ¡§Roots to Reality II,¡¨ Henry Street Settlement, NY
1985 ¡§Roots to Reality I,¡¨ Henry Street Settlement, NY
1984 ¡§The New Generation,¡¨ Hammerquist Gallery, NY
1983 ¡§Painting the Chinese Dream,¡¨ Brooklyn Museum, NY and City Hall, Boston, MA.
1982 ¡§Faces of China,¡¨ American International College, MA
1980 ¡§Contemporary Artists,¡¨ Beijing, China
2000 S. Africa Artists workshop, Artist-in Residence, CrossPathCulture, Johannesburh
1996 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Artist-in-Residence, Hong Kong
1995-6 National Endowment for the Arts Visual Artists Fellowship, Washington, D.C.
1991-2 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant for Painting, New York, NY
1990-1 Art Matters Visual Art Grant, New York, NY
1984-5 New York State Council on the Arts, Artist-in-Residence
Public Collections:
Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, NY
Smith College Museum of Art, MA
Princeton University Art Museum, NJ
Peter Norton Family Foundation, NY
The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Cedar Rapids, IA
Islip Art Museum, Islip, NY
The Bronx Museum of the Arts, NY
The New Museum for Contemporary Art, (with Epoxy Art group) NY
Adams House, Harvard University, MA
The Art Students League of New York, NY
World Bank, Washington D.C.
National Museum of Art, Beijing, China
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