Through the Kaleidoscope: A Group Exhibition of Hong Kong Artists

Plum Blossoms Gallery Hong Kong

January 6 - 14, 2004

As an international city, Hong Kong has fused together various social customs from different parts of the world which results in portraying her multicultural characteristics. This distinctive quality is particularly recognizable in terms of art in Hong Kong and it generated many different artists.

"Through the Kaleidoscope: A Group Exhibition of Hong Kong Artists" includes Wucius Wong, Andrew Lo, Raymond Fung and Fong So who use Chinese ink and brush; Maria Lobo who works on mixed media and Victor Lai with his oil paintings on canvas. These individual artists were born or are now living in Hong Kong. Some may have been influenced by traditional Chinese art, and on the other hand some may have got inspiration from Western-style paintings, or even both. In consequence, the thoughts generated, the media employed as well as the styles expressed by Hong Kong artists, are very much similar to one looking through the all-embracing kaleidoscope.


Wucius Wong
Maria Lobo
Andrew Lo
Victor Lai
Fong So
Raymond Fung

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