Do a Book: Asian Artists Summer Project 2004
September 9 ¡V October 16, 2004
Plum Blossoms Gallery
555 West 25th Street, Ground Floor
New York, NY 10001 T: 212.719.7008
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10:30am - 6:30pm Sunday and Monday Closed

Plum Blossoms Gallery (New York) is pleased to present Do a Book: Asian Artists Summer Project 2004, a group show featuring 25 artists and their collaborators representing a fun, unusual overview of today¡¦s contemporary Asian art landscape. Artists¡¦ books have received much attention as a popular medium for expression amongst international artists practicing within the last 50 years. But Asian artists working with book and print media have received less publicity in that regard. Conceived as a gallery initiative¡Xa provocative way to engage with new artists and artistic approaches¡XDo a Book brings together artists ranging across a wide array of backgrounds, interests, and age groups, with some being proficient in book arts and artists¡¦ publications and others making books for the first time ever. Invited to consider the project as a conceptual challenge, these artists have responded by defining ¡¥book¡¦ on their own, innovative terms.
Some of the participating artists, such as Wenda Gu, Lu Shengzhong, and Qin Feng have long been rooted in a Chinese tradition of text and print media, transforming a prestigious past through conceptual re-imaginations. Other artists, such as Terence Koh, Takuji Kogo, Tomas Vu-Daniel, and the team of John Yau and Archie Rand, are more conversant with the international development of book arts, while Korean artist Choi Jeong-Hwa, once part of an earlier Korean Pop generation, combines elements of mass production and design in his books, Long Bin Chen creates fantastic sculptures out of thick volumes such as telephone directories, and Zhao Suikang turns books into full scale installations.
Contributions from Chinese conceptual artist Lin Tianmiao and husband Wang Gongxin, Vietnamese emigre artist Tran Trong Vu, Chinese printmaker George Chang, conceptual sculptor Barbara Edelstein, and American photographer Lois Conner present unexpected dimensions to these artists¡¦ oeuvres. In addition to such established book artists, we have also invited a group of artists who are making books for the first time or who do not usually work with books to participate in the summer project. These include emerging artists Charlene Liu and Isami Ching, conversing together on paper, Momoyo Torimitsu, whose work targeting corporate conformity has been shown at Deitch Projects and Swiss Institute recently, young Chinese painters Wei Dong and Yi Chen, who have won strong followings for their talented brushwork and eccentric subject matter, the Tokyo collective Kakuto, which has done both urban design and guerilla art actions, Taiwanese multi-media artist and carver Fung Ming Chip, Singapore based ambient painter Hong Zhu An, and recent Columbia MFA Jose Guinto, whose print-making confronts second-generation and post-colonial Filipino identity.

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