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Early Ming Dynasty Avalokitesvara -Tantric Form
Antique early Ming dynasty, 15th century Chinese cast bronze sculpture of a tantric form of the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Avalokitesvara. The figure with 3 heads and 24 arms sits in dhyansana on a raised lotus base. The principal 6 hands are in namaskara mudra (praying), anjali mudra (2 hands raised above the head holding what would have been a small image of Amitabha (now missing) and 2 hands relaxed together facing upwards at the waist in dhyana mudra holding what would have been a patra (begging bowl) (now missing). The other 18 hands hold various tantric and non-tantric symbolic implements. The figure with 3 beautiful faces each marked by the third eye have serene expressions, slight smiles and downcast eyes. Each face is surmounted by a five peaked crown (the center face have three of the five peaks of its crown broken and now missing.)
The garments and jewelry are those of a bodhisattva and the hair with its upraised usnisha is an indication of the Buddha nature of the bodhisattva.

Circa 1550
54 x 34 x 24.5 cm