Andrew Lo

The exhibition, Imaging Nature: An Australian-Chinese Perspective, is organised by Plum Blossoms gallery and sponsored by the Australian Consulate-General Hong Kong.

Born in Hong Kong in 1936, Andrew studied at the University of Melbourne and University of New South Wales (UNSW) before he taught economics at UNSW. In 1996, the environmental economist retired from full-time lectureship to devote more time to his artistic pursuits.

The theme of nature conservation is well integrated into Andrewˇ¦s portrayal of Australian landscapes. He attributes this to his Chinese upbringing and the Taoist perspective, which reflects the oneness of human beings with nature. Andrew journeys into Australian forests, depicting the bush with traditional Chinese ink and brush.

The Sydney-based artist is an accomplished speaker, who uses his paintings to illustrate the importance of environmental protection in talks to green groups, government bodies, private companies, cultural organisations and students. He believes there is a vital economic link between the business world and nature. In a recent presentation, Andrew used a painting of an Australian forest to illustrate how it was saved from being a woodchipping site and has now become an eco-tourism destination that generates a continuous flow of tourist dollars.

Andrew will be in Hong Kong for the exhibition opening and a number of speaking engagements.

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Imaging Nature: An Australian-Chinese Perspective
Recent Paintings By Andrew Lo

June 22 ˇV July 8, 2006

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