Tales of Two Cities

- Recent Paintings by Victor Lai

November 17 - 27, 2004

Plum Blossoms Gallery Hong Kong


The directors of Plum Blossoms Gallery take great pleasure in presenting Tales of Two Cities, a solo exhibition of recent oil paintings by Victor Lai. Regarded as one of the leading oil painters in Hong Kong, Victor Lai・s recent works express his subconscious feelings towards his own career as well as worldly matters through his stylistic combination of form, colour and space. Tales of Two Cities will be on view at the gallery from November 17 - 27, 2004.


Tales of Two Cities is Lai・s memories over the past three years. It is about the distance between two places (Lancaster and Hong Kong , New York and Lancaster). On display are about twenty paintings which Lai had completed in Lancaster, a city in England, and Hong Kong since 2000. From :Solitary; that starts off his meditative journey on art, :Fortune Teller; that figures his thoughts about the future to :NY.911; that expresses his astonishment at the attack and his longing for peace as well as :I Dream about China; series to reveal his ardent love for his own country, these work show how he moved his emotions from his personal matters towards worldly affairs. His tireless effort to explore his artistic career can be found in his new attempt using mixed media on lead or aluminum, in addition to his stylistic oil paintings on canvas.

Born in Guangdong in 1961, Victor Lai・s family moved to Hong Kong when he was two. By the age of 29, he had gained not only a teacher・s certificate and a Diploma in Chinese ink painting from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, but also a First Class Honours Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Liverpool and a Master of Arts from the prestigious Royal College of Art in London. Victor Lai・s works have been exhibited in various one-man and group exhibitions and acquired by private and public collections around the world.

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