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Tai Xiangzhou

Mind Without Discrimination

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26 April - 28 May 2012

Opening Reception:

Thursday, 26 April 2012, 6 - 8:30 pm

Plum Blossoms Gallery takes great pleasure in presenting Mind Without Discrimination, up-and-coming Chinese painter Tai Xiangzhou’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong.

Apprenticing under renowned artist Liu Dan, Tai Xiangzhou studied traditional Chinese landscape painting in depth and is particularly fascinated by the circulating views on its connection to the universe. His ethereal landscape paintings evoke memories of masterpieces by venerated scholar-painters of Sung and Yuan dynasties. The deep admiration he has for the ancient masters is evident in his choice of paper, which is created with 10th century techniques, and the Qianlong era ink he uses.

Tai Xiangzhou’s paintings keep alive a tradition that the new course of Chinese art seems to want to renounce. By learning from the past, Tai is not simply replicating his predecessors’ methods. His highly detailed renditions of ink landscapes on one hand revive the technical mastery of ancient, on the other seek to captivate the spirit of his time into the classical genre, as he believes “to present landscape painting that meets modern tastes, we must start from the experience of modern society—by properly accessing the living spirit of art, researching the materials, techniques, medium, and modern time-space experience. In short, we should not only keep alive traditional art, but also the tradition of art.”

Born 1968 in Yinchuan, China, Tai Xiangzhou studied calligraphy with Wang Wen Jun and Hu Gongshi in his youth, winning several art competitions. He went on to study restoration of ancient Chinese painting with Cun Yu Run and Li Zheng Jiang. He is currently a Ph.D. student at the Art Academy of Qing Hua University with Bao Lin as his advisor.

The emergence of Tai Xiangzhou as a phenomenon in contemporary art scene is evident from the fact that in just the past year, his work has been exhibited on three continents. His exceptional paintings have already attracted the attention of collectors and fine art institutions worldwide.